She said WHAT?

Posted on April 22, 2010


Lately I’ve been going to facebook and having those *facepalm* moments when I read some of the status updates and “likes” in my news feed.  Apparently it has become the “norm” to let everyone know everything about your life.

When you pee
When you get your period
When your herpes flare up
When you just aren’t “regular”

I think that everyone has either become retarded or lives in some fantasy land where whatever you say is sugar coated and come with a huge LMAO attached to it.  Maybe that’s what they need to start doing so it doesn’t seem so wrong.  Lets test this theory out…

When you pee LMAO
When you get your period LMAO
When your herpes flare up LMAO
When you just aren’t “regular” LMAO

No I still don’t see it!  OH and let us not forget about all the “sex” quizes they have out there.  Yesterday I was fortunate enough to find out that one of my friends scored a “violent/perverse” on their “sex quiz”… Yes I really questioned this from the first day I met them.  I had always wondered what kind of sex they enjoyed and now I’m so happy that I know.. WRONG!!!

And now that facebook has changed their little “like” system it gets even better.  People have now been making fan pages that will work well with the word “like”.  The two best ones were “this person likes it rough” and “this person likes you”.  Granted the second one isn’t one of those TMI moments but I thought I would share it because it was really

What do you guys think about it?  Do you think some people lose all common sense when they log onto facebook or do they really care to share all this info with everyone.  I’m sure I’ve had my TMI moments but I don’t think I went THAT FAR!

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