LA BABY, here I come…

Posted on May 3, 2010


So if you know me pretty well, then you know that in May I will be in California, Los Angeles to be exact.  The date of this trip is May 21-23 (yeah only a weekend, but that’s good enough for me).  Now as much as I would like to say… “let me explain”… I’m not going to.  The people that feel they need an explanation will never get one from me, so they need to move along.

My mission to all of you is tell me what you would do if you had 2 free days to spend in LA (Think Universal City area).  Tell us some hot spots, suggest some things to do, tell us about everything we should go see.

I know I have several followers that live in that area, so give me your best ideas!!

Also, if you will be around LA those dates, get in touch with me… maybe we can have an impromptu tweetup!

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