Living in a Dream… day 2

Posted on May 25, 2010


Messed up time zone differences & nerves… THAT is what we experienced over night last night till this morning.

Don’t get me wrong, the beds here are fabulous and they feel like you are laying in a cloud, but with those two previous things combined, we were up at an ungodly hour this morning.  I was afraid we wouldn’t wake up at 6:30am and be ready for our 7:45am pick-up but we woke at 5am!  We took our time getting ready and around 7:30 we went down to the lobby.

We both discussed how we were a little nervous for the day to begin and get to meet Anthony and the rest of the crew.  At 7:45 on the dot, Whitney the intern came to pick us up.  The drive to the CBS Studios wasn’t very long.  When we were about to make the turn into the lot Anthony made the turn in front of us and Denise turned back to me and pointed and got a big grin on her face.

After we got to the area they were filming, it all kind of becomes a blur.

First we were taken to a dressing room which I guess is a mock motel (don’t quote me on that).  We left our stuff in there and sat for a few minutes.  A few minutes later Orlin Dobreff came in to talk to us.  This was my first time meeting him.  He was outstanding and then a few minutes later, Anthony came to greet us and talk to us about the new book and the new videos (we already knew that Anthony was an amazing person). We then went down to the hair and make-up area to get make up on by John Goodwin.  John was so great, he was a real sweetheart.  While we were waiting to get make up finished we met David Boorstein, one of Anthony’s assistants.  He was using Anthony’s flip cam to video us for some behind the scene stuff.  David is so much fun.  I’m not sure how Denise and I were able to stay so quiet during takes with him doing the “robot”.  Then we had Nicky (I’m not sure of her exact job title) take us to the set.  She told us we were going to do a run through of the scene.  So we go over there and met the rest of the cast and crew including Daniel Buran and Justine Bateman.  Justine was so down to earth and between takes and when she wasn’t on the set she would talk to us about websites we liked to use and other stuff.  She was so excited to have us there she even said we should do a Wake up and Get real video for her.  When we were standing on the set where we were to begin our part of the scene we talked to Justine to give us some advice since we were new to it.  She said not to be nervous and just listen to what Anthony and them had to say about the previous take and work with it.

After running the scene through, they were ready for a real take after making sure they had the right camera angle and they had us passing Steve Dark at the right place in the scene.  It only took us a few takes to get it down, but we had to run it several times to make sure they had every possible camera angle needed to edit together.  It’s amazing the amount of time it takes to set up and run one scene.  It also is amazing the amount of people it required to make it just perfect.  They had a hair person, make up person, wardrobe, props, boom, 2 cameras along with 2 assistants to those cameramen and 2 monitors to view what they are shooting for the directors, 2 sound people to roll sound, and the guy to work the clapper board and someone to work out continuity.  Its amazing!

So after our scene was done, we stuck around for the entire day…. 13 hours of filming!  Everyone asked us if we were bored, but I told them that I loved being there!  But I do believe that you can lose your voice from being so quiet.  Each scene required complete silence.  So when they said “ROLL SOUND” that was our clue to sit very still and not say a word or make a noise.  This is very hard when you have to cough, which I had to do a lot due to my allergies and stuff that were wreaking havoc on me the entire day. So to help us out, we did take a few trips outside of the building to take some tours of the CBS studios with Nate Coleman (yeah you know him as one of the Dark Arts guys from Dark Origins).  He showed us the CSI sets, Seinfeld street, and Anthony’s office and a bunch more.  It was a great tour.  After that we went back to the set and talked to Alex Minkin.  He will be on the set all week taking photos of the shoot.  You should really check his Flickr account out.  He has some great shots from the shoots.

I can’t really tell you much from the time we started our scene till we went to lunch or what happened after lunch till they wrapped for the day… If I did that, it wouldn’t be a surprise for you all.  So lets just move on to the end of the day.

Finally, around 8:30pm shooting was wrapped for the day considering the day before they were there for 17 hours.  We went back to the dressing room and gathered our stuff so that we could go back to Anthony’s office to have a proper “goodbye” but before we were able to leave, Whitney stopped us to say that Dan wanted to see us before we left (yes, Daniel Buran).  We went over and he told us how excited he was to have us there and that it was great to work with us.  He hugged us both several times and I then asked him for a favor… would he sign our scripts?!  He agreed and we talked a little more.  He asked us what our usernames were on the site.  Denise said Big Yellow Hero and he was like YEAH I know that one and I told him Femaleprodigy and he was like OHHH yeah I thought that was you!  It was really strange to see him this very upbeat person after the day of shooting.  He definitely stays in character the entire day till they wrap.  It was nice to see this side of him.  He is such a nice down to earth guy.  He even told us to come back the next day and hang out on set again.  Believe me, we would have LOVED to have done that but we had already made plans for Sunday before our flight back home… BUT thats for the next blog!

Finally we get to the office and talk to Anthony and Orlin and Josh and everyone else.  We did a quick little sign-off video with him and he told Orlin to get us some shirts and we got laptop bags from Dare to Pass and also our signed scripts.  All in all, it was an AMAZING day!  I’m sure I missed a LOT of stuff, but that was the day in a nutshell.  I’ll make sure that Denise writes in the comments anything that I may have missed!

Well, I’m off to bed…. it’s already taken me several days to finish this blog and I’m still catching up on sleep from the trip!

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