Happiest Place on Earth – Day 3

Posted on May 27, 2010


Day three started just like the others, waking up early.  We had about an hour and a half to get everything packed up ready to go so we could meet our driver.  He was taking us to DISNEYLAND!

While packing I had one freak out where I thought I lost my flip cam.  We also had to figure out how to get everything back into our one carry on and one personal bag so we didn’t need to check any of our luggage.  Lets just say, we were stuffing things in bags so tight that the zippers were bulging, but we did it!

At around 7:50am, we got a call to the room to tell us that the driver was there (10 min early).  So we shuffled out of the room and down the hall weighed down with luggage.  I still don’t think my shoulders are back to normal from all theweight that was on them.  We got in the car and were headed to Anaheim, CA where we were dropped off at ESPN Zone and had to walk (with all the luggage) to the entrance of Disney.  We found ourselves a large locker and put everything inside except our cameras and wallets and walked to the entrance so we could meet up with Angelique, who works there and was getting us in as her guests for the day.

Around 9:45am, we were on our way into the park and taking in all the sights!

There really isn’t much to say about the park, it’s Disney!!  Everyone knows what Disney is, but just in case you forget, I’m including some photos for you.

Once Angelique was done working for the day she joined us and we got some really great food.  I couldn’t tell you the name of the place we ate, but we ate these really great Monte Cristo’s.  They were DELICIOUS… and considering how picky of an eater I am, I was in love with it!  Mmmmmmm

After eating lunch we went on a few rides, walked around, talked, and did some shopping.  We even got a picture of the three of us at the castle which Ang got 2 copies of and gave to the two of us.  She is so sweet!  At 5pm Ang got ready to get her car so we could meet her and get ready to leave for the airport.  The ride there was pretty uneventful except that Ang put in LAX Luggage to her GPS.. LMAO  but we weren’t too far off from where we needed to be.

We arrived at LAX and hugged Ang goodbye and were on our way to ticketing and then our wait in the terminal to catch our 10:30pm flight to Dulles International.

Since we were there early and were exhausted, we decided to pay the $7.95 fee to have a day pass of T-Mobile wifi.  I never would have imagined it would turn out quite as hilarious as it did.

The flight home was not as eventful as the flight there *thank god*.  And we landed at Dulles International around 6:30am.  I will forever remember this trip as the most amazing, wonderful, fantastic trip EVER!

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