Smartphone Snobs

Posted on June 17, 2010


I’m going to show you a picture and I want you to tell me the first thing that comes to mind when you see it.


So, was it the color or the QWERTY keyboard? or even the brand or cell provider?
OR was it the fact that it’s not a smartphone?

Yesterday I posted this picture on a social networking site and the first comment I got was “meh not an android”!  In one swift comment, I wanted to shove my foot up someones ass for being a complete ASS!

Has everyone become such a smartphone snob that they think every human on the face of the earth needs to own a smartphone?  All these devices have done are either help those that NEED to multi-task while on the go or made use complete zombies growing dependent on being socially connected ALL THE TIME!  I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to have one, but seriously I know my financial limits and adding one to my bills would just stretch me even more thin then I already am.  I’m a stay at home mother… I have my laptop.. I don’t need to make sure that when I go to the grocery store I see everything that is going on via twitter, brightkite, etc.  So why don’t we all just turn off the devices for an hour and get out there and DO SOMETHING?  Oh, that’s right, because we have to be informed every minute of every day what is going on with our favorite celebs or online big shots.

I have an LG Vu.  Yes I complain about it often but due to the battery life.  But even with the battery life, I’m still able to stay semi connected to the internet without having a smartphone. I send pictures of what I’m doing via mms, I tweet what I’m doing and I even tell people where I’m going.  All it takes is a text message.  No internet service needed to do these things and that is fine with me.  I’ll survive an hour or two without the internet.

So the next time I post a picture of a phone saying I got a new one, please don’t be a snob because I didn’t opt for the fancy smartphone that you feel is needed by everyone.  We don’t all feel the same way as you do.  So fuck your droid and your iphone… I’ll stick with what I NEED and can afford for now!

Tomorrow, I talk about the cellphone provider wars that piss me off just as much as the smartphone snobs!

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