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Posted on June 18, 2010


Since I’m on the roll of telling you all some of the things that really just rub me the wrong way, I’m keeping my promise from yesterday… So here is the post about cell providers.

que dramatic music.. dun dun dunnnnnn

So what cell carrier do you use? Verizon, Boost, AT&T, Sprint

Once again, I made a statement about my cell provider the other week and people then decided it was an invitation to go to war.  Usually it turns out to be someone telling me to get rid of AT&T and switch to verizon.  At that point I just kind of ignore it and never reply to them.  Once I threatened people by saying if they told me to switch, I would block them.  I only had to block one person that day.

Sure I complain about AT&T, I would complain about verizon too if I used their cell service.  So lets get somethings out of the way before I move on.  Between the two main providers, I am only able to use one where I live.  Verizon does not work in my home.  I use to have verizon before I moved here and had to switch to AT&T for this simple fact.  Second, I don’t get 3G here.  I’m lucky to see a 3G connection once a year on my phone.  I guess when you are surrounded by corn fields in Pennsylvania, they don’t think that 3G is a necessary thing.  The only time I see it is if I travel to Harrisburg which is rare.  So basically, I’m about 45 min away from the closest 3G network, so don’t use the whole “they have the largest 3G network available” bullshit, because you still have no merit in that statement to me.

Here is the deal, all cell providers have their problems.  Don’t tell me you have NEVER had a problem with them.  I seem to recall a few weeks ago that all verizon users in the Huntingdon/Mifflin/Juniata County area having NO CELL SERVICE.  It was like watching a stupid soap opera on facebook with everyone freaking out that they couldn’t use their phones.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH  kind of sucked didn’t it? OH but I was able to use my phone!  So the next time I complain about my cell provider, stop and think about what you are about to say to me… if it has anything to do with switching, just grab your tongue and turn yourself around and march away.. because I don’t give a fuck what you have to say.  I’m sticking with what I have you simple minded piece of shit!

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