Gotta love summer jobs!

Posted on August 2, 2010


When I was around the age of 15 I started working at Raystown Resort and Lodge at the Ice Cream shop. We sold candy, ice cream, and also sold tickets for tour boat rides. I was there for one summer. My friend Jamie and I started there at the same time and if we worked at the same time, we would ride there together and if we worked evenings we would spend the night on her parents houseboat. I remember the boat used to be at “Z” Dock at the very end of the dock so we use to jump off the platform there and swim all the time. That was probably one of the best jobs ever. My managers there were Jimmy and Bob. The next year I left that summer job and went out to 7-Points to work for them again at the Restaurant just above the marina. I worked for them there for several summers. They were the best guys to work for.

Now they work at a bar in Huntingdon, PA called memories. I applied there but never took the position. Every once in awhile when I am visiting my hometown, I stop in to see them!

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