Want to win $1,000?? (CONTEST OVER)

Posted on August 11, 2010


CHERUBS was blessed with an opportunity to give back to those that help them.  For the next 10 days everyone that votes in the APX Gives Back contest and then goes to the specific event page and posts “VOTED” on the event wall, you are entered to win $1,000!

So I guess you want a link to get to this page where you can learn all about it.  NOW, remember there are rules that you must abide by and they are all listed on the link I’m about to post.  Please make sure to follow all directions!


There you go… there is the NOTE that tells it ALL!  So like I said, READ IT and follow the directions to enter to win some COLD HARD CASH!  Who knows, maybe you can buy yourself an ipad (like some of the other charities are giving away) as well as have a little bit left over for some apps to put on it!!!)

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