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I said I was going to leave this for another day, but since I have it running through my head, I figured I would just do it now.

If you would have asked me to give my opinion on this phone a year ago, a few months after receiving it, I would have given it 5 stars and said it was a GREAT PHONE.  Ohhhhhh what a difference a few more months makes!

The camera:

The look of the phone is great.  It is small, not bogged down with buttons, and weighs next to nothing (at least to me).  I decided to purchase the wine colored LG Vu just over a year ago.  The first 3-4 months were great.  The best feature of the phone (aside from those that I don’t use because I don’t use the mobile web) would be the camera.  This is the best cellphone camera I have ever had.  Even with clos e up macro shots this camera is amazing.

My life is always on the go so the 2.0 auto focus camera was perfect for me to capture everything I wanted (as you can see above.  The first picture is from National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD.  It was in a low light area and was set to macro to get this shot.  It is probably one of my favorites.  The second picture is at the pool of my son running to the water and jumping.  I did have it zoomed in as far as it would go and you can start to see the pixels a little.  For it being a cell phone camera.

The Touch Screen:

With this being the first touch screen phone I have owned, I can’t give a true review on how well it performs compared to other phones but I can give my thoughts on it.  I will probably NOT go back to a touch screen phone unless I am sure it is better than the LG Vu.  The Vu does not keep up with my fast typing and therefore messes up words even on the T9 setting.  I constantly have to scroll back to fix words.  Using the full qwerty keyboard is even harder for people with larger finger.  My 11 year old daughter didn’t have as much trouble using it, but I was never able to calibrate the touch screen to work very well with the full keyboard.  The second problem is that if you need to touch the outer edges of the screen to put the cursor, you are pretty much screwed.  The screen does not recognize the touching on the outer edges of the screen.

The screen size though is perfect for me.  It is not one of those small screens where you strain to see everything.  I will never complain about the size of the screen with this phone.  Outdoor viewing on this screen however is horrible.  The glare produced by the sun makes it nearly impossible to read anything.

SOME features & settings:

I do NOT use the mobile web, like stated before, so I can not review those features.  One setting I was not happy with was the fact that I was not able to change the text sound outside of the 10 preset tones.  Other than this, the settings and features were fine.  Even without having the Cellular Video or TV options, the very thin and fragile looking antenna made for some fun when you were bored.  I constantly pull the antenna in and out and annoy people, but I will admit that the antenna did stand up to the challenge!

The Battery:

Had it not been for this one problem, the LG Vu would have been a GREAT phone.  The battery life on these phones, and I really hate to use this word but they SUCK! I can’t even say it enough.  SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!

I am just over a year on the phone and I am now working on my third battery.  The first battery started to fail around the 6 month mark and was replaced by AT&T stating that the battery was bad.  After 6 more months and JUST past my warranty date the second battery started to act up.  AT&T then stated it was not the battery but the phone and of course it was out of warranty.  Therefore, I wasn’t able to replace it.  I beg to differ with AT&T on this conclusion because I have now run into several LG Vu users and they state they have the same problem.  The battery would jump from full to empty in a matter of minutes.


In all I give the phone a 3 out of 5 stars simply for the fact that the battery is a problem.  Had I used the mobile web as it was intended to be used, I feel I would have had worse battery problems.  According to CNET’s review this phone was suppose to be comparable to the iphone (not sure how accurate this is).  You can also see video of the phone itself on their review if you wish.

Please remember that these are my own personal feelings about the LG Vu by AT&T and that all pros and cons should be weighed before your new cell phone purchases.

LG Vu CU920 Wine (AT&T)

  • 3.0 inches Touchscreen (240×400, 256K)
  • 3G capable for fast download speeds (where available)
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • 2.0 Megapixel Camera with 2x zoom
  • Incredibly Thin Form Factor
  • Watch live streaming TV shows with AT&T Mobile TV
  • Full HTML Web Browsing
  • Mobile Email
  • IM: AOL, Yahoo, MSN

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