My sorta horrible morning…

Posted on September 13, 2010


I woke up with this horrible feeling that I was going to be sick.  It quickly passed, but still the feeling that you are going to throw up last evenings dinner isn’t exactly the bright start to anyone’s morning.  I walked out of the bedroom to find my son was already downstairs getting his breakfast.

I quickly go to my daughters room and jump on Erika’s bed to wake her up.  The two of us had already had a rough evening prior and I wasn’t sure what to expect out of her.  She seemed to be in a better mood so I asked if she would like to try working on the last few math problems she cried over the night before.

I tried to wake up Lily but throwing stuffed animals at her wasn’t working.

This is the exact same thing that happens here!

I walked downstairs to talk to my son but before I did that, I witnessed that he had the largest bowl in the house filling it to the top with cereal.  Knowing that he was about to waste half a box of cereal I took it from him, which then caused for the screaming match to begin.

“I hate you”
“You are so mean”
“You can’t make me”

yeah those are just a few of the phrases thrown at me this morning!

Next was the daunting task of getting them all dressed.  Erika and Lily are fairly easy, as long as they can find what they want.  Dustin on the other hand is NOT!  He ran to the computer immediately but started to scream when he realized that I turned off the wifi to his sisters laptop.  Finally I got him dressed and the entire way to the bus top was “I HATE YOU”

While we were at the bus stop Dustin decided he wanted to break up the sidewalk some more and start kicking the pieces around.  While this was fine with me because he wasn’t doing such a great job, the very old bitch.. I mean woman that lives at the corner house where the kids sit for the bus wasn’t very happy.  I quickly grabbed my son and sat him down and whispered in his ear about the “old woman” who was going to come and get him.  She stalks the kids every morning to make sure nobody does anything to her property and is basically a big BITCH!

My dog really does love me!?!?

OK so kids get on the bus… you would think the horrible morning would end there but NO!  I came home to find that my one dog decided that the garbage would look much better all over the kitchen floor… Coffee grounds and all!

Why can’t my mornings just go smoothly?  Even if I have clothes set out the night before it doesn’t happen!  I have resistance EVERY morning!  Then I have my son and my middle daughter at each others throats screaming at each other as loud as they possibly can.  Why can’t I be deaf for just one day!

Well, I’m off to clean up all the wonderful messes all over the house!  By the way, I’m looking for a maid that works for crumbs!

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