Soccer mom.. oh wait, gymnastics mom too!

Posted on September 16, 2010


I’m sitting here extremely tired from running all evening. But, do you know what?? I wouldn’t change it for the world. All the running is for my children. So this blog is dedicated to THEM! And I’m not even going to say much. I’m just going to share some pictures and tell you about each of them… because frankly, I think my kids ROCK!

First, meet Erika!

Erika plays soccer for our towns U12 team.  She first started playing soccer last year and continued to play for the U12 girls indoor soccer team.  This is her last year playing town soccer and next year can start Jr. High soccer.  She has been playing goalie this year and absolutely LOVES it.  As you can tell, she looks like me and has the height like me.  I think she may even end up taller than me.  (scary thought)  Erika also plays the clarinet for concert band, but soccer is her life.

Next, meet Lyllith or as we like to call her… Lily!

Lily is 8 and is a gymnast.  She started doing rec gym in the summer of 2009 and quickly worked her way up to a Level 3 gymnast in no time.  She currently is a level 3 gymnast at our local gym.  She loves everything about it but if you ask her what her favorite thing about it is, she would say BARS for sure.  Her one coach, Jaime, always comments about how she LOVES Lily’s legs because of how straight she keeps them.  Lily does gymnastics year-round, and if she had it her way, she would do it 24/7.

Finally, meet Dustin Jr.

Dustin, better known as DJ also plays soccer for our towns U8 boys team.  He loves playing soccer and also plays indoor soccer in the fall/winter.  He plays several different positions and loves it all.  He started soccer last year, even though we though he may not be able to when he was diagnosed with CDH in July of 2009, but he made a full recovery from surgery and was able to start with the other kids.  Sometimes he can be a handful, but that’s okay… he’s a cutie!

Well those are my kids, the reason I’m so tired right now.  So, how about just a bunch of pictures to finish this blog out, since I think I have the most adorable kids EVER!

If you would like to view even more photos of me, my family, or all the crazy things we do… please feel free to find me on flickr.

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