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Posted on October 11, 2010



24 hour clock at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

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Sorry for ignoring you.  I’ve been busy doing a million things in a 24hr period of time.  Not only am I taking my children to their sports, I have other things going on too.  Some I can tell you about, others I can not.  But trust me, those things that I cannot share are pretty amazing and special!

So, what  has Jessica been doing lately?

Do you remember when I went to Los Angeles in May?  I gave you some details about what was going on and how much fun I was having with the cast and crew of Level 26: Dark Prophecy in a previous blog post.  Well, now you can see the finished product.  Keep in mind, Denise and I were only extras in the shoot so we are only there for about 2 seconds but it was still the most amazing experience I have ever had.  Getting to meet Justine Bateman, Daniel Buran, and Anthony E. Zuiker was TOTALLY WORTH IT!  So that is the first thing I’ve been keeping up with since Zuiker is now posting one video a day till the release of his new book Dark Prophecy (Oct. 14, 2010).

I’m also helping a friend with a project called The Compassion Campaign.  They are holding a YouTube video contest.  You can learn more about it by going to their youtube channel, or their site.

Unfortunately that is as much as I can give away on what I’ve been doing.  I’ve given you as much detail as I’m allowed to give you, but trust me… There are some AMAZING things coming VERY soon.  Just keep your eyes open all over the internet, the clues are all around you!

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