Christmas Karma

Posted on December 24, 2010


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The following letter was written to David (my boyfriend) and several other members of another site. David knows this man, Pastor William Barhorst and the request is genuine. Please read the letter below!

I hate having to ask this but I have to so I can help people in need. I even called the Steve Wilko Show earlier yeatserday and left a voice message. I pray they help. Maybe you all can call to tell them to help us by coming here or having me go there on his show (888)-783-8307

I am trying to prevent two evictions, one is a grandmother with 4 grandchildre, and another family is disabled fighting to have their unemployment extened but before the hearing date they will be evicted. The other is a working woman that works for Crozer Hospital, Cyndi Lawton, that earns just a tad to much to qualify for Home Energy Assistance Program so her gas was turned off back in Aug and she’s been freezing. I lent her my portable kerosene heater until I can raise funds for her also which is just over $1000.00. In Total I only raised $25.00 from one BON Memebr and I have two promises of another small amount that I do not know what it is yet until it comes in from another BON Members. I need to raise $7,000.00 total and thats without helping others I know that need help, a homeless 21 year old girl that I can put her up if I can raise an additional $300.00. I have several landlords that are letting me sublet rooms in homes and apartments they own so I can put up other homeless women and children at $85.00 a week, with security deposits of $170.00 each, not counting other expences such as water, electric, and heat. If everyone sent a small amount it would help a lot. If anyone donating gives me permission to state what they donated I will post it even those that have already send in a donation and those that pledged to send something. Then I will get you all a report of who got what help with the funds raised. How more Honest can I be?

I also rehab homes here to make money additional income so if you are fairly local and need work done even honey do lists call me I use profits to help people. I hire people from the local shelters some that have experience in different areas of construction and rehabbing. Others we train and teach so they all can ultimately rent rooms with some of their income in one of the homes we’ve repaired for other landlords all sharing expences and moving up the social ladder to ultimately owning their own home. I also need funding to get landlords security for these homes and apartments because some of the people in need, the homeless can’t afford to pay it. Winter is upon us and local shelters throw everyone out from 7 am until 730 pm. They claim to be Christian organizations, Jesus will judge them. But this is not the point, I need financial assistance so I can help these people. I want soon to have an emergent 24 hour shelter for those in need. I have a buy a brick campaign also where your names are inscribed on the bricks and displayed on our facilities. There isn’t much construction work right now because of the economy, and it being winter, and now the Christmas holiday, people all caughtup in the hussle and bustle of buying and shopping sprees and forgetting the true meaning of Christmas. If you can post something in your feed that may tell others what we are doing and our plea for others it may help. I tried to open a Multi-Purpose center in a truly bad neighborhood and the township told my landlord not to renew my 3 month lease because they said we’d attract a bad element to their town. It is one of the worst communities in this country! So how could it get any worse if I helped people allowing the homeless to come get free clothes and wash and dry theirs, and give free items to them and fire victims and others in need. After I paid 3 months rent the township would not give us a certificate of occupantcy, saying to the landlord we needed thousands of dollars of upgrades to make the facility fit for our multi-purpose center adding handicapped bathrooms and exits which me nor the landlord could afford to do so I had to leave after setting it all up with volunteers which took three months. I pray there is a way you can find it in your heart to do something that will enable us to do as Christ commanded us all. God Bless you Abundantly and have a Very Merry Christmas!
The Rev

Make checks payable to: Baskets Of Faith Church & Missions
Mail to: Baskets Of Faith Church & Missions
C/O Pastor William Barhorst
2517 Lindsay Stret
Chester Pa 19013

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