Herding them in like cattle

Posted on December 30, 2010


“Like this if you’re the girl that eats like a pig and is still underweight
“Like this if you hate when people reply with ‘K’ in a text message
“Click this link to see what this father did to make his daughter commit suicide
“Click this to see the horrible things Miley Cyrus did”
“Post just the color of your bra to confused the guys while also bringing about awareness to breast cancer
“Change your profile picture to a cartoon to help with child abuse

You’ve all seen these and a large percentage of you have clicked, liked, and followed the directions to most of these.  We’ve done it out of curiosity to see what shocking things people have done, we’ve done it because we agree with those “LIKE” statuses, and we’ve even done it because we liked the hot new trend that was happening with all our friends when they posted a color and have everyone wondering what the hell was going on or when you got to go back in time and think about all those cool cartoons you use to watch as a child.  It’s like the title says, they are herding you in like a bunch of cattle making you believe them, but how much of a difference is one making by clicking like (unless the company pays an amount for each fan of their page) or changing your picture?

You’re intentions were good and sometimes (even as vague as those viral campaigns were) they did help bring SOME awareness to breast cancer and child abuse.  But thats when it stops.  Most will dothe easy stuff like changing a picture and copy & pasting a status or clicking a LIKE button.  Those take less than 5 seconds to do.  But its those other people that go the extra mile to help others in need even if its for causes that are not as well known that I really appreciate.  The ones that put in countless hours of reposting and tweeting no matter how annoying they become to their friends, family and followers to help get the word out there for people that need more than anyone of us could ever imagine.

Imagine finding out you are pregnant or that your wife/girlfriend/sister is pregnant.  Its exciting and wonderful!  Now imagine the doctor giving you some of the most devastating news you could ever imagine.  What if he told you that your child was going to be born with a condition called CDH, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  OHHHHH you don’t know what that is, well the chance that this new baby will make it is 50%.  A 50% chance at life, a 50% chance of even making it home.  THIS is what thousands of families have heard and what thousands more will hear until researchers receive funds to help find the cure as well as the REASON it happens.

From now till December 31st, ten charities are asking for help to receive grants through pepsi refresh for children that NEED our help.  Most of them have been posting non-stop trying to get people to help and they get discouraged when they see family and friends that won’t even support their cause.  When their friends are more impressed with cartoon characters that can’t SOLVE child abuse but don’t care to take the time to ask for a simple VOTE for the niece, nephew, grandchild, cousin, friend, etc that is so very close to them.

So before you go telling them how annoyed you are with all their posts, try to imagine if it was YOU in their situation.  Try to imagine living a life where your child passed away due to an illness and they never got to make it through their first day of life.  We all say we want to help others and do good, so why not help children?

Now, if you aren’t too busy, could you please help vote?  http://pep.si/100kforkids

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