I resolve to never make another resolution…

Posted on December 30, 2010


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When you finally realize that making resolutions is just a big fat fucking waste of time, then you will be so much happier!  Resolutions are like life’s sure fire way of making you look like a dumbass while also making yourself feel like complete shit when you fail.  So don’t make a resolution to lose 10 extra pounds by February, just say “I’m going to try and lose some weight this year, but if I fail I won’t take it out on myself or others and will just keep trying”.

A few days ago someone asked me what my New Years Resolutions was.  I told them “NOTHING”.  I truly think if you just sit there and tell yourself that you will “TRY” but not make it something set in stone that you MUST do, you will be much happier.  Basically what I’m saying is that LIFE SUCKS sometimes but you can’t help it all the time.  The best you can do is sit back and take the shit that life throws and you and then when the smoke clears, just try and pick up the pieces the best you can and put them back in a new order.  Change isn’t always bad for someone.  Sometimes those small changes can make one hell of a difference.  If you constantly tell yourself that life sucks or this day sucks or you are always get up on the wrong side of the bed, CHANGE SOMETHING!  Don’t sit there and bitch about what could have been or what you WISH could happen.. MAKE IT FUCKING HAPPEN!!!!!  There is nothing in this world that is impossible to accomplish.

SURE some days my life SUCKS and I cry about it and feel sorry for myself.  Those are the days I wish people would come to my rescue and just HELP me but I’m not the kind of person to air out my dirty laundry to everyone on the internet.  Sure I’ve posted some things at times but then realize “You know what, its my life and they don’t want to hear all the bad things about it”  I’m also the kind of person that never sat there and asked people for help.  I was the tough strong person that tried to figure things out for herself.

So if you feel the need to make a resolution this year, make it something to make yourself happy without setting limitations on yourself, to treat yourself like you want to be treated, and to unplug from the internet for awhile… You just never realize how much the internet really brings you DOWN sometimes and forces you to miss out on some really rare opportunities… IN REAL LIFE!!!!

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