How the Justice stole Christmas

Posted on December 27, 2013


We all know the story of the Grinch. How he came into Whoville and stole all the gifts from the families because of his total dislike of Christmas. Recently a very large group of shoppers have felt the same pain through the store Justice.

Some of you are probably wondering what this store is, but those of you with tween daughters know the exact store. It’s the brightest damn store with every shade of neon known to man. Oh and let’s not forget about the super skinny jeans. My 11yr old daughter is a fan girl of the store. If it’s a holiday where you give gifts, you can’t go wrong with Justice gift cards.

But let’s get back to the story at hand…

On Dec 23, I decided to use some of my earnings to purchase a $25 gift card for my oldest daughter at Barnes and Noble. The transaction was fast and simple. I received the e-gift card in my email within an hour. I then headed to Justice to purchase another card. I put in the info, selected my payment and submit the order. A few minutes late I receive my order confirmation. Then I waited… no gift card to my email.

The next morning I decided to call them. I was on hold (with the WORST music ever. I even started this on my facebook page while on hold) for 14 min and finally I got a msg saying that with the numerous calls they had added a phone number with reps to help. They repeat the number and I hang up (like an idiot!) and dial the new number. Send… disconnect… Send… disconnect…
WTF? I quickly call the original number back and get back in line to talk to a rep. 20+ min later my call disconnects. So I do what I usually do with companies I’m pissed off at (yes Sprint, I’m talking about you). I took to twitter to find an official Justice account but was coming up empty handed. Next was to try facebook. BINGO!


Their facebook page was filled with irritated customers

I go to the page and low and behold, there are tons of pissed off customers.
Customers charged but no shipment
Customers missing items
Customers with tracking numbers but Fedex has no sign off that number.
And this is where the Grinch comes in. There were families that were going to have very bad Christmases because this was the gift. If they didn’t receive these orders in the next 24hrs, Christmas was done! Now, I wasn’t TOO concerned that my $25 gift card was going to be the end of Christmas, but I wasn’t very happy that I was left empty handed after paying. I quickly leave a post on their page then send them a private message (remember this is Christmas eve we are talking about).

I then go one step further and send an email. Then I wait…

I quickly got a reply to my email. I was shocked! They asked if we had checked the junk folder. We had, so I told her yes. About 20min later I get another confirmation for an order. She placed a replacement order but it said it would come fedex. She quickly assured me that they would see the order and email it instead.

Wait, wait, wait… nothing.

I took it as a loss, at least till after Christmas because I knew there was no was I was getting this in time. Later that evening, I got a confirmation that the card was delivered to the email recipient. But wait, I’m the recipient and there was no such thing in my inbox or junk folder. Once again, no card!

Yesterday though, I did get a reply to my facebook message. The said they were replacing the replacement because it didn’t prices correctly (even though I got a confirmation that it was sent) and even added on a whole $15 for my trouble at no extra cost (oh geeeeeee thanks). This morning I got another email staying that it was delivered but this time it was through fedex… wonder if I’ll see it any time soon.

Have any of you had issues with this store? Did they resolve it quickly? What about other stores? Give me your biggest customer service nightmares. Let’s see them!

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