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How the Justice stole Christmas

December 27, 2013


We all know the story of the Grinch. How he came into Whoville and stole all the gifts from the families because of his total dislike of Christmas. Recently a very large group of shoppers have felt the same pain through the store Justice. Some of you are probably wondering what this store is, but […]

Level 26: Dark Prophecy (pre-order)

March 12, 2010


According to Anthony Zuiker, the sequel to his book Level 26: Dark Origins will be release on October 14, 2010.  Fans have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the second book to find out what happens next to Steve Dark.  The first book left us with a lot of unanswered questions and fans are crossing […]

Not the sharpest tool in the tool box!

January 15, 2009


“[name], I’m sorry, you’re just a tool.” Hows that for a closing line? I’m back with the “Cheesy” VH1 reality shows!  Today its all about The Tool Academy. Nine unsuspecting guys were taken off thinking they were going to a party house but little did they know, their girlfriends were on the other side of […]


January 13, 2009


I’m always scowering the internet for strange celeb stories and today I hit the jackpot.  Its a picture of Haley Joel Osment… Please take note of the picture in the snow (YES, Haley is the one that placed it on the car).  THANK YOU TMZ for such great reporting! The caption for the picture on […]

A gift from the Self-Centered GODS!

January 13, 2009


This morning as I was surfing the web and checkin out all my stuff online like email and flickr and everything else, I had a @ reply pop up on my Twhirl notification.  It was from @David_N_Wilson telling me how he wrote about me!  Of course my self centered self was like OHHHH MYYYYYYY GAWWWWWD!  […]

Rock of Love: Bitch School

December 10, 2008


Hot women, sexy school girl uniforms, girl on girl cat fights, and Sharon Osbourne as the head mistress… What more could any horny male ask for? Today we take a look at the charming and sophisticated ladies of VH1’s Rock of Love: Charm School.  These girls couldn’t charm the pants off of Satan Himself! After a […]

Cheesy Reality TV

December 9, 2008


I’ve officially dubbed VH1 as the home to the cheesiest reality TV shows around (HANDS DOWN)!  In the next few post here I’ll be reviewing a few with some clips and pictures.  Today I’ll be taking a look at Scream Queens.  Last night was the final show of Scream Queens where 10 contestants were fighting for […]