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How the Justice stole Christmas

December 27, 2013


We all know the story of the Grinch. How he came into Whoville and stole all the gifts from the families because of his total dislike of Christmas. Recently a very large group of shoppers have felt the same pain through the store Justice. Some of you are probably wondering what this store is, but […]

Let’s make it fair for the men…

April 1, 2010


Yesterday, on another blog I share with my friend Chrissa, we posted about Geeky Men in which I posted pretty much every male to grace us with his presence on the web series Longelygirl15.  Well, I felt bad because I didn’t leave the guys with any eye candy.  So I give you…. The Female Hotties […]

Don’t this just drive you BUGGY?

January 9, 2009


Yesterday some of you from twitter heard me mention something about a particular BUG that likes to infest children’s hair… LICE!! I figured after having to help someone decontaminate their granddaughter, I would talk a little about it.  If you have a kid in daycare, elementary school, or anywhere else that kids play closely you […]